How to Wear Cashmere Capes and Ponchos with Style

There is something to be said for cashmere capes and ponchos handcrafted from the finest quality of cashmere – classic chic should sum it up.

However, if you don’t know how to style capes and ponchos and don’t want to end up looking like a superhero, here are a few style tips to making you look uber cool:

1. Get all layered up.

If you aren’t confident enough to wear a cape or poncho for a whole day, simply easy it into your routine by bringing it with you and putting it on when it gets cold. Since cashmere is a great insulant, it makes for a stylish alternative to a regular sweater or cardigan.

2. Simplify your outfit.

When planning to wear a cape or poncho, keep the rest of your outfit as uncluttered and simple looking as possible. You want to look chic and clean and not mess up the look by wearing a bright flower print top beneath a burgundy cashmere cape or poncho. Think hassle-free clothing like a pair of jeans with boots and a neutral top.

3. Dress according to the occasion at hand.

If you’re going for a day party or picnic, try pastels or deep shades. For special occasions like a wedding or a birthday party, try a white or pale blue cape or poncho with a neutral base as your dress for style and warmth in one go. Crystal cashmere capes and ponchos are perfect for night time outings.